We have the facilities and expertise to repair ANY make or model of car:

…and many more.

Quality work and exceptional customer care.

Excel offers the widest range of professional services including routine servicing and MOT work to more sophisticated up to minute diagnostic analysis and expertise to repair ANY make or model of car and we have a vast firsthand knowledge of repairing and servicing Prestige & High Performance vehicles including ground up restoration. We are an approved service point for many specialised prestige dealers who will bear testimony to the quality of our work.

Why Excel?

To answer this question you need to know how we are structured and what sort of background experience we have. We are very much a FAMILY business and over the years we have continually reinvested in our premises our equipment and more importantly, our staff. We are 100% ‘hand on’, your first point of contact is directly with a family member, we work hard on developing relationships, it is the key to our continued success, not only do we care about our customers, we actually get physically involved with the work itself and everything is personally supervised and overseen.

Over the years, we have trained and developed key members of our staff and we pride ourselves on having a very good team, moreover, we all work as a team. We have a team of really experienced and qualified technicians who have proved themselves to us over a long period of time which should give you every confidence, knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Simply, because we care. We are a family business and as such, we all put in that little bit extra to make sure you become a regular customer of ours for years to come. We don’t mislead, we don’t try and sell you services that you don’t need, if we believe the estimated repair costs to an acceptable standard are, financially unviable, we will report this back to you to help with your decision making. We interact with our customers to ensure we offer the best service available, we communicate which we believe is very important.

If you get a minute, pop in, have chat, see our facilities, talk to us and hopefully, this will answer the question – Why Excel?